Opera Omaha Social Narrative

I am going to see an opera at the Orpheum Theater. I may travel to the Orpheum Theater along with my family, or a friend, teacher, or caregiver.

This social narrative will tell me what to expect when I go to see an opera at the Orpheum Theater.

When I arrive, I will be greeted by someone at the entrance who will have me get in the security line.

When in line, someone will ask me to put my belongings in a plastic bin and will check my things.

I will walk through the metal detectors which may make a beeping noise when I walk through. A security guard may wave a wand over my body, and afterwards, my things will be given back to me.

I may get my tickets from someone at Will Call.

My tickets or phone app will then be scanned so that I can enter the lobby before the show.

We will go into the grand lobby where I can get snacks or a drink prior to the opera.

A few minutes before the opera starts, a person called an ambassador may walk around and play the chimes. This will let the audience know that the opera is about to begin, and we should find our seat in the theater.

Next, we will go to Slosburg Hall where an ambassador will help my family, friend, teacher or caregiver and I find my seat.

They will also give me a program book. This book has information about the opera and the artists who made it.

I will sit in my seat and wait for the show to begin. Other people will also be at the Orpheum Theater. We will all wait together for the opera to start.

When I hear an announcement that the opera is ready to start, the theater will get darker, everyone will become quiet, and the opera will begin.

If it still too loud or I need a break, I will tell my parents. They will take me to the bathroom or to the quiet area. It is okay if I need a break.

Once I leave the theater though, I cannot come back in until intermission. There will be a TV screen in the lobby that will show what is happening on stage. I can watch the opera there.

After intermission is over, I can come back and watch the opera in the theater if I am ready.

In the middle of the show, there will be a break called an Intermission. This is a time I can use the bathroom, get a snack or take a break.

Some people will stay in their seats, and some will go into the lobby.

When the opera is over, the performers may come to the front of the stage and take a bow. Everyone around me may clap and cheer. I can clap, too, or I can cover my ears if it is too loud.

Everyone at Opera Omaha hopes that I have a great time at the show and will see me soon!