Sparking the curiosity and inspiration of our community is at the core of Opera Omaha’s programming. There is so much more than just what’s on stage at the Orpheum. Through collaboration and creativity, ripples of the possibilities of opera and art impact thousands in Omaha.

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There is never a shortage of ways to interact with opera. We meet and collaborate in a slew of places around the Omaha area, on stage and off.

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Holland Community Opera Fellowship

Being responsive to our community through true collaboration opportunities is at the heart of the industry leading Holland Community Opera Fellowship. Opera, and the arts, become more than an observational experience as we blur the lines between artist and audience, innovator and partaker, creator and observer. This requires being open-minded, open to growth, and seeking connection and collaboration in unexpected or underserved ways.

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Beyond a night at the opera

Tactile and tangible art can transform in ways that productions cannot. As an artistic leader in, Opera Omaha creates spaces for discovery, discussion, and possibility. Let’s keep the questions coming. Let’s probe new potential. Let’s spark inspiration.

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A chorus of collaborators

We never sing solo. It is way more fun to give amplification, pride, and support to all the organizations we build alongside. Omaha is home to a special network of dedicated arts organizations, non-profits, and creatives that are flourishing our city and magnifying our community.

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