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ONE Festival

Apr 2, 2019
ONE Festival Community Events
Here are the upcoming community events through Sunday, April 7th! PLAYGROUND and RUN continue, Joslyn Art Museum An interactive sound sculpture installation, curated by Ellen Reid. REID + CONCERT: Thursday, April 4th at 7pm, Joslyn Art Museum A chamber concert featuring the works of Ellen Reid and her contemporaries with performances by the Holland Community Opera Fellows, Creighton University Chamber Choir and members of the International Contemporary Ensemble. MIDDAY MUSIC: FAUST: Friday, April 5th at 12:15pm, Opera Omaha Rehearsal Studio Midday Music is a lunchtime preview of the opera and features a short performance it provides a quick taste of the story and music, along with some personal behind-the-scenes insight into ...
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Apr 1, 2019
The Deconstruction of Opera: ONE Festival 2019
The definition of opera might be fluid, however, the richness of artistry is undeniable. What makes opera so special is a feeling of grandeur, the expression and evocation of emotion, and a reverence for music. To limit that experience to a prescribed formula of “soprano + large stage + orchestra” also limits experimentation. Opera Omaha hopes to combat staleness by thoroughly exploring processes of interdisciplinary collaboration through its ONE Festival. The company is attempting to deconstruct opera in order to provide a space for truly diverse performances while still cultivating the craft. Opera should not be expected or derivative; the deconstruction of its components provides the impetus to question everything and seek answ...
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Mar 28, 2019
Les Enfants Terribles: Dance Opera
You can see a dance-focused FREE preview at Midday Music on Friday, March 29th: Tickets are still available for the ONE Festival! Our third and final installment of the Opera in Conversation for the ONE Festival ended with guests James Darrah, the Director of Les Enfants Terribles and Artistic Director of the 2019 ONE Festival, and Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, the Choreographer of Les Enfants Terribles. The pair has worked together several times before, including on Semele, which Opera Omaha staged in 2016. The collaboration has been successful and prolific. Gustavo grew up in a small town of roughly two hundred ...
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Mar 19, 2019
“The Front and Center Angle is the Least Interesting”: Opera in Conversation with Adam Larsen
Tickets are still available for the ONE Festival! Adam Larsen Our first Opera in Conversation of the 2019 ONE Festival featured Adam Larsen, who has curated works, designed lighting, as well as exercised a special sort of creativity behind the lens as a photographer. He has worked in film, theatre, and performing arts. Those of the Omaha community might recognize him from his film work from the 2018 ONE Festival, Dharma at Big Sur, of which he was curator and filmmaker. Dharma at Big Sur premiered at the Cincinnati Symphony as a triptych last year. He has worked in multiple capacities for Opera Omaha for 6 seasons, and ...
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Feb 26, 2019
Les Enfants Terribles: The Mythos of the Toxic Partnership
*some spoilers Buy tickets here: Les Enfants Terribles by Philip Glass , based upon the novel of the same name, explores the psychological isolation enforced by two children and the ways in which they challenge one another in boredom. They seek to further their reality together, often at the expense of others. Although the relationship between main characters Paul and Elisabeth in Les Enfants Terribles seems particularly unsavory given its borderline incestuous nature, there is an abundance of obsessive and codependent narratives between main characters of the past, and current times, still proposed in literature and film today, such as the play Macbeth, the film Cruel ...
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Apr 3, 2018
ONE Festival: Week 1
Here are all of the exciting events happening during the first week of ONE Festival, April 2-8! Friday, April 6th The Dharma at Big Sur First Friday Gallery Hours 11a-8p | Gallery 1516 Saturday, April 7th The Dharma at Big Sur Gallery Hours 11a-5p | Gallery 1516 Gallery Talk: The Nature of Big Sur 11:30a | Gallery 1516 Where art meets science. Students from University of Nebraska Omaha’s Conservation Biology course will host gallery talks exploring conservation and environmental issues of Big Sur. ONEmore: Archetype After Hours 10p-Midnight | Archetype Coffee A more personal and casual exploration of the musical worlds and artistic pulse of the festival. Unscripted, unplanned and spontaneous. Sunday, April 8th Th...
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Mar 15, 2018
ONE Festival Spotlight
As Omaha prepares for the launch of Opera Omaha’s first-ever ONE Festival, we wanted to offer a deeper look into three of the performance series that will be offered throughout the city. From the Bemis Center of Contemporary Art, to Gallery 1516, to a unique on-site location at 1407/1409 Jackson Street, these performances expand opera beyond the doors of the conventional theater. Adam Larsen, curator and filmmaker of The Dharma at Big Sur, Annie Saunders, curator and director of The Wreck, and R.B. Schlather, curator and director of Ariodante, offer us insight into the creative process and inspiration behind these three different performance series. The Dharma at Big Sur For Ad...
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