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Don Pasquale

Oct 10, 2023
Don Pasquale Study Guide
Student Dress Rehearsal Study Guide Created as a companion to Opera Omaha’s Student Dress Rehearsal of Don Pasquale. The study guide includes information about the opera, articles about Commedia del'Arte, opera buffa, an Opera 101, guiding questions for discussion, and resources for further exploration. Download the Study Guide
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Oct 4, 2023
From the Director of Don Pasquale
We are always attracted to comedy, not only because it refreshes the soul, but it also touches our hearts, and it is a wonderful medium to convey serious social or moral messages. Don Pasquale, with all the characteristics of a farce and a situation comedy manages to do all this, but it also has some melancholic characteristics that makes this particular opera interesting to me, and Opera Omaha has given us a wonderful cast and production team to explore this piece. We will start from this point; all the characters will experience a morality lesson and will change in the course of the story. Don Pasquale is a man during ...
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Oct 4, 2023
From the Conductor of Don Pasquale
It must have been wonderful to have known the genius that was Gaetano Donizetti: fun loving, wittily insightful, hardworking, and deeply talented. He was born in Bergamo, underground in a windowless basement into deepest poverty, where he ‘took flight like an owl’. He had the great fortune to be taken under the wing of the great musician Simon Mayr, the founder of the town’s free music school. Mayr was a born teacher and believed in traditional forms of training. A successful composer and conductor, he was responsible for the first performances of Handel, Mozart and Beethoven in Italy, performances in which Donizetti took part. This solid instruction gave Donizetti the fl...
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