Twelve Days of Carmen-Day Two

Oct 22, 2013

In this video, day two in the “Twelve Days of Carmen”, we continue by sharing the words of Director Lillian Groag, as she answers the question, “Who Is Carmen?”

Video shot at the Strauss Performing Art Center in community partnership between Opera Omaha and University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Communication Fine Arts and Media, CFAM.

Commentary about the rehearsal process from Conductor Hal France:

The next step in the rehearsal process takes us out of the frying pan and into the fire. Last night’s room run through deepened our our approach to this story and the sense of this show. This is something we will try to hold on to as we leap from Opera Omaha’s rehearsal space to the Orpheum’s proscenium. People will now communicate through walls and across footlights. Before concepts can thrive, however, there is business to take care of. The backstage crew now joins this enterprise. Through their work and skill we introduce another essential piece of this pie, the environments for Carmen; the set!

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