Twelve Days of Carmen-Day Nine

Oct 29, 2013

This opera gets physical! It’s music pulses with driving rhythm and boundless energy. Its freedom comes first and foremost from its dances, the Habanera, Seguidilla, and Gypsy Dance.

The Habanera was a popular dance that arrived in Paris from Cuba in the 1850’s.

It was the precursor of the Tango. Bizet chose the Habanera’s signature rhythm to introduce us to his heroine and based her melody on the popular song, El Arreglito by Sebastian Yradier.

Many talented members of Ballet Nebraska join Opera Omaha to bring Carmen’s dancing spirit to the Orpheum stage.

Video shot at the Strauss Performing Art Center in community partnership between Opera Omaha and University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Communication Fine Arts and Media, CFAM.

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