Twelve Days of Carmen-Day Four

Oct 24, 2013

From Conductor, Hal France:

In his signature opera, Carmen, George Bizet displays rare qualities. It has depth and mastery that satisfies opera aficionados like Friedrich Nietsche who called it “perfect”. It also has a magical je ne sais quoi that makes it “popular”. Carmen offers high dramatic art and unforgettable sound bites that appeal to everyone. Today, when I think of popular musical artists with special talents I think of Sting, Winton Marsallis, Michael Jackson, and Leonard Bernstein to name a few. Bizet was similar and his opera Carmen reveals something extra; genius!!

It’s always interesting, and sometimes surprising, to learn what musical roots opera performers come from. We share a story on that subject from our Don José, Jonathan Burton.

Video shot at the Strauss Performing Art Center in community partnership between Opera Omaha and University of Nebraska at Omaha College of Communication Fine Arts and Media, CFAM.

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