The Great ISC Songbook

Feb 17, 2021

Share a Song That Brings You Joy!
This collaborative project between the Intercultural Senior Center (ISC) and Opera Omaha’s Holland Community Opera Fellowship (HCOF) was born out of a desire to keep the ISC family connected during the Coronavirus pandemic. As a team that believes in the connective joy of music, the HCOF asked participants to “Share a song that brings you joy” and design artwork inspired by memories or feelings associated with the selection. Over 60 artists responded to the call and gave us The Great ISC Songbook. This interactive book devotes a page to the artist, their art, and a clickable link to the song selection. This project explores the shared relationship between art and memory. ISC artists willingly gave of themselves to remind us that when it is darkest, the brightest light is within.
We hope you enjoy The Great ISC Songbook.
The Holland Community Opera Fellows
Nick Davis, Fernando Montejano, Gwenna Fairchild-Taylor, Jared Hiscock


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