Sing For the Cure: A Proclamation of Hope

Oct 15, 2010

One Voice
(Proclaiming Hope)

I am one voice. Just one voice. Can one voice make a difference? We have only to turn the pages of history for the answer. The winds of change have always been propelled by the breath of one action.

The individual voices in these battles are wrought with emotion and determination. We are brought full-circle by their stories. Who will speak? If one single voice in the cause can be heard, imagine the power of all our voices lifted together in chorus. For it will take all of us to carve out a cure from our concern.

Do you hear it? “Sing!” the voice is calling. “Sing about the sighs of apathy! Sing a future without fear for our daughters! Sing! Herald the hope of healing with your voice. Sing! Celebrate our sisters with the song of life! Sing the dream into reality! Sing! Sing! Sing!”

from Sing for the Cure. Copyright 2000 Shawnee Press, inc.

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