Pagliacci: Tonio DiPaolo as Canio

Oct 7, 2009

This is my first blog as Canio. Being on the road and getting to know new faces and reconnecting with familiar friends is very enjoyable and also similar to the story of Pagliacci. In the opera we are a traveling troupe of performers who get caught up in a very unfortunate dilemma. Following the plot and story line is a must. In the end I end up killing my wife and her lover. In real life we are the same troupe without the problems of the opera plot. We get to make up the story as we go along. That’s why being a performer is so much fun. No killing of colleagues or complex opera plots to worry about, at least for the most part. Just an enjoyable chapter of a performer’s life where we get to live as a troupe and make music and put on a good show. A few weeks together – where all we are concerned with is our troupe. Of course we all have another side, with our families and other responsibilities to think about. But bottom line it is so much fun! What an honor to make great music with wonderful colleagues and to have another opportunity to sing Canio with Opera Omaha. Here’s to a great show, in bocca al lupo, Tonio DiPaolo signing off.

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