Pagliacci: Lee Gregory as Silvio

Oct 9, 2009

Day four of rehearsal and our first night on stage – It is always exciting to move from the rehearsal space to the theater. And what a beautiful theatre visually and acoustically – an ideal space for an opera. I think it is one of the best regional theaters I have ever been in. Also, our first night with the chorus – a warm and inviting group. They sound great!

The first rehearsal on stage is always fraught with problems – a new space, always bigger than you imagine, the great distance from the orchestra pit and the conductor, but also exhilarating, like your own personal playground. The set is stunning and enormous.

But most importantly, it is my dog’s birthday today. Lulu is a seven year old Bichon Frise. She has been traveling since she was six months old and has been all over the country with us. No great celebration, but she did get a special bone from Whole Foods. We were also treated to a visit from my wife’s best friend and previous High Priestess in Aida here at Opera Omaha, Jodi Frisbie. One of the great things about the vagabond life of an opera singer is being able to reconnect with friends who live around the world. And as we unwind after the rehearsal, drinking tea and snacking, the ladies are contributing to this very blog entry.

So how is it playing lovers onstage with my wife? I will let the audience decide if we are a convincing couple.

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