Opera Omaha Time Capsule and The Connective Tissue Podcast

Dec 21, 2018

I’m currently working for an amazing company called Opera Omaha, and I’m fortunate enough to be allowed to start a pet project in 2019 that I’m really excited about: the launching of a brand new podcast called The Connective Tissue Podcast featuring conversations of artists and artistic leaders of Omaha coming in 2019. In the meantime, I wanted to explore where Opera Omaha has been with these breadcrumbs from the past. The opening (which you can skip past at around 0:45) is an amalgamation of the voices and tasks of many of the creatives that have walked through our doors. The Connective Tissue Podcast is about celebrating the intersections of seemingly diverse artistic practices, so I hope that you'll keep an eye out in the coming year! All of the original videos with visuals can be found on Opera Omaha’s YouTube:


and playlists are up on SoundCloud for the first part of the Time Capsule series:

THE CONNECTIVE TISSUE PODCAST: Season 1 is available on YouTube here!

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