Meet the Artists: Patience Chorus Members

Jul 22, 2012

We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. The Opera Omaha chorus members are the reason that our productions have a true “big opera” feeling, sound, and appearance. We think that they are the most talented and professional group of part-time professional singers on the planet. In short, we can’t do what we do without them.

This blog article introduces you to four of our chorus members for the Monday, July 23 performance of selections from Patience. We are delighted to present chorus members, Brandon Shostak, Megan McGuire, Allison Harvey, and Brett Epperson. Each of them was asked to provide a Twitter-ready 140 character or fewer biography, their favorite musician or music group, and a bit about their first opera experience. The results are below. Enjoy!

Brandon Shostak

Megan McGuire

Allison Harvey

Brett Epperson

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