Meet the Artist(s): The Opera Omaha Chorus

Apr 9, 2012

Opera companies throughout the world rely on a core of dedicated individuals to provide talent and onstage support in many opera productions. These people play varied roles, rehearse for weeks before the principle artists arrive, and add immeasurable quality and interest to the staged work. Opera Omaha benefits greatly from the support of our magnificent Opera Omaha Chorus. We could not produce The Mikado, or most other programming, without these exceptionally talented and professional men and women.

The chorus is comprised of people from Omaha and surrounding communities in Nebraska and Iowa. Opera Omaha holds chorus auditions two to three times each year. From these auditions, select individuals are contracted on a single-show basis. Different chorus members are used for different shows throughout the season. The selection process seeks to match vocal qualities and abilities with the music to be presented. Our next auditions are Saturday, May 12 at Iowa Western Community College.

The chorus of The Mikado includes 24 fantastic performers (listed below) from our local communities. When you come to see the show, please clap loudly for our outstanding chorus members. They dedicate many hours to bring you the high-quality entertainment that you see on the stage. Enjoy the show!

Do you need tickets? Click Ticket Omaha or call 402-345-0606 or 402-346-4398.

Opera Omaha Chorus members for The Mikado:

Derek Anderson
Katie Branzuela
Tara Cowherd
Becca Jackson Cusick
John Dart
Elmer Ellefson
Allison Falt
T. Adam Goos
Angie Heim
Jared Hiscock
Katie Kirchner
James C. Little
Megan Kate McGuire
Eric Micks
Megan Milke
Eduardo Millán
William A. Miller
Susan Seamands
Brandon Shostak
Kevin Smith
Judi Torneten
Lauren Turner
Brad A. Watkins
Camellia Yvonne Watkins

Opera Omaha
Announcement for Chorus Auditions

Omaha, Neb. – Opera Omaha is holding chorus auditions on Saturday, May 12thfrom 1:00 – 5:00 PM in the Opera Omaha Rehearsal Hall, 1850 Farnam Street, Omaha NE (entrance on 19thStreet). The selected chorus members will be singing for our first production of next season.
You must be at least 18 years old to audition. Prospective members will be assigned a time slot and asked to present 2 selections; one in a foreign language and one in English, not to exceed 5 minutes in total. Arias, arts songs, or church solos are all acceptable as audition pieces. Please provide printed music as an accompanist will be available at no cost.
Contact Cammy Watkins at or 402-346-4398 x 217 for details and to schedule an audition. Additional information is also available at

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