La Boheme Artist Blog: Tom Corbeil as Colline

Apr 9, 2009

So, we’ve been in Omaha for two weeks now, and with the show going up in less than a week, I think that perhaps it’s time to share with you what I like to call my ‘Bohème Scorecard’ – a wee glimpse into the life of your standard-issue rehearsal process, work related and otherwise:

Number of hours spent in staging rehearsals thus far: ~50

Number of hours spent in the Milwaukee airport on the way to Omaha from New York: 6.5 (I missed my connection. Oops.)

Number of times I cried while we rehearsed the last part of act 4: 2 (okay okay, 3)

Number of times we somehow ended up in Iowa: 2 (Incidentally, Ross – our Schaunard – was driving on both occasions)

Favorite prop in the show: Schaunard’s coins (after forgetting them in my pocket at nearly every rehearsal, I’ve managed to assemble quite a nice collection of them at home)

Favorite sign in Omaha: ‘Gizzards Are Back!’ (at Popeye’s Chicken near our house)

Number of glasses broken in rehearsal before we switched to plastic: 2 (pretty sure that was Ross’ fault too)

Number of wonderful shows I saw in Omaha in the last week: 3 (a fantastic production of West Side Story at Creighton, an Omaha Symphony concert featuring the astounding Edgar Meyer, and a rockin’ performance by Omaha’s own folk/country/bluegrass band, The Black Squirrels!)

Amount of wine I attempt to drink in the last minute of act 2: ~2 bottles

Character trait that separates this Colline from other performances of La Bohème: Kleptomania (keep an eye out!)

All of us involved in Bohème greatly enjoyed our time here – we hope to see you at the opera next week!

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