La Boheme Artist Blog: Talise Trevigne as Mimi

Apr 2, 2009

Yes, my “maninas are gelida”! True to my preferred form of method acting, I called in a few favors and asked for snow to help me get into character. As I walked to rehearsal on what should have been a spring day I got snow, and cold hands. I left my scarf and gloves at home in NYC!
It’s been a magical experience to create my first Mimì amongst new and old friends. It is times like these which remind me of how incredibly blessed I am to have such a wonderful job! I am still finding tears in my eyes as I sing Donde Lieta, although I have been singing it for quite some time now. Bring your tissue to the opera folks!

Yesterday was our first day off, and like true bohemians we spent the day at the wonderful Henry Doorly Zoo! It’s wonderful to have an opportunity to bond with the boys; we’re truly like a little family. I even baked them my grandmother’s chocolate chip cookies! Now that is amore!

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