HCOF Creativity Prompt: Building Characters

Apr 24, 2020

Our Holland Community Opera Fellowship (HCOF) is committed to being a creative and artistic resource to our community. Usually this takes many forms and Opera Omaha's HCOF Fellows (Gwenna, Jared, Kate, and Kaitlin) lead creative workshops and programming for all ages. Since we can’t be in the community in person, we’ve adapted and created a few of our #HCOFCreativityPrompts for your use at home. Each weekday we’ll post a different prompt on our blog and share on our social media platforms. These activities can be done alone or with others. Creativity is not just for kids, and these prompts are written for a wide variety of audiences so feel free to modify as needed!

Today's Creativity Prompt

Building Characters

Engage your imaginative play, look at everyday stuff that surrounds you with a unique perspective and spark your inner creativity to create new characters.

Time to Complete
Minimum 10 minutes

All you need is you!

Head outside and find one to three items you see. [Ex. buildings, cars, animals, plants, anything!]

Engage your imagination and develop a character inspired by your selected item(s). Use the following questions for inspiration:

  • What is their name?
  • Where are they from?
  • What are one or two things they like about themselves?
  • What’s their dream vacation?
  • If you selected multiple items, how might those characters interact?

Think of movies that transformed everyday stuff into characters. For example, Pixar’s Cars or Angry Birds. Even Siri on your phone as a robotic simulation still has a distinct character with a sound, tone and rhythm to its voice.

Optional Add-on
Draw or take a picture of your item character.

Sharing Suggestions
Share your character with a friend or family member! Comment on this activity’s Facebook post or tag @OperaOmaha in an Instagram Story with #hcofcreativityprompts.


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