Get to Know the Staff: Rebecca Ihnen

Nov 18, 2016

Rebecca Ihnen
Office Manager
Length of time you have worked with Opera Omaha:

About 5 months

Six-word summary of your job/duties/what you do:

Helping the daily operations run smoothly.

Describe the best or most rewarding part of your job:

Seeing an event or performance transform from the beginning stages to the finished product.

What is something you do in your position that people might not expect:

The arts admin world is different every day so you will see me do all kinds of tasks from answering the phones in the office to handling a power drill at an event.

Your all-time favorite opera or theatrical production:

The first opera I attended, Tosca.

Your unofficial position in the company (e.g. ‘class clown’, ‘bouncer’, etc.):

Birthday party planner and in-house florist.

Your secret talent:

I can play a full game of Monopoly without getting angry.

Create a super-hero persona based on your position in the company:

The Replenisher. Keeping that coffee and copy paper comin’ day after day.

Outside of the office you can be found….:

In a coffee shop.

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