Get to Know the Staff: Jesse Koza

Jul 14, 2016

Jesse Koza
Artistic Associate – Production
Length of time you have worked with Opera Omaha:

2 Months

Six-word summary of your job/duties/what you do:

Everything they ask me to do.

Describe the best or most rewarding part of your job:

Congratulating the children after an audition.

What is something you do in your position that people might not expect:

Let me put it this way: when they put “Other duties as assigned” on the job posting, know that it will cover a lot of interesting activities.

Your all-time favorite opera or theatrical production:

Handel’s Acis and Galatea

Your unofficial position in the company:

New Guy.

Your secret talent:

I can find pretty much anything hidden in the internet’s many tubes.

Create a super-hero persona based on your position in the company:

The Valiant Volunteer! I’m the new guy to the company, plus I have a job that has me helping several different people simultaneously. I’m available to help someone when they need it!

Pick two more staff members to be your sidekick and arch-nemesis:

Being the New Guy, I don’t really have a sidekick. But my pink erasable pen is most definitely on my utility belt. My nemesis would most definitely have to be my phone, mostly because I haven’t yet figured out how to transfer a call to someone else’s voicemail (no matter how many times they show me).

Outside of the office you can be found doing….:

I write! (A lot.) For example, I have a play being produced in the Pittsburgh area, and I have a comic book (Tegan and Archer) for sale online.

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