Omaha high school students learn from renowned opera singer

High school students here in Omaha are learning from a renowned opera singer.

Joshua Conyers is in town performing for Opera Omaha’s production of "X, The Life and Times of Malcolm X."

He's been singing opera since age 14 — from the Bronx, and now to Omaha for his next role.

“When you hear I’m doing an opera about Malcolm X, I mean you just kind of jump for joy,” Conyers said.

Conyers was cast as Malcolm X's brother Reginald in the recent Opera Omaha production about Malcom X.

“It's so special. I mean, opportunities like this to get a cast of all Black people is rare in the opera field. And I just feel honored that I had the opportunity, that I was chosen to be a part of this opera and then a part of this amazing cast,” Conyers said.